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EPA in Idaho: New Dredging Regulations

We can’t say as we’re happy about it, being of the opinion that in the larger part already established regulations for dredging in Idaho were just fine, but it’s now a fact that if you plan to put your rig in the water you must have the correct permits from both the local Department of Water and the EPA or face heavy fines.

Change is never easy, and it’s no simple task to always stay on top of what permits are needed where, which rivers are open when, and all the other hoops one has to jump through just to be doing it right – one more set of forms ends up just making it a little harder; that’s why were writing this post.

Now, it was easy to get up in arms about the idea of any more politics in our wilderness, but after having talked with a representative from the EPA we’ve also come to understand a little more of the “why” behind these new laws.  Regardless, since they are what they are (for now), we want to help get the word out about these law changes, as well as make it easier for people to adhere to them if it is what we have to do to keep recreational mining alive.

Here are links to those forms:
*lube not included

IDOWR Dredging/Mining Permit Info

IDOWR Mining Instructions 2013

IDOWR Letter Permit

EPA Website Permit Info

EPA Notice of Intent Form

Authorization to Discharge (40 pg) form

EPA Annual Report Form

We also encourage those of you out there who love prospecting to contact your local legislators and make sure you let them know how you feel about the laws going around our state - like the dredging ban in Lewiston! – as it is only by making our voices heard that we can hope to have a say in how our law makers govern our natural places.

IDAHO: Do You Want to Find GOLD?!

We here at Idaho Gold and Gem Outfitters are EXCITED to begin offering specialized educational courses for today’s modern recreational miner here in Idaho! Whether you want to just learn how to pan like a pro or are interested in learning about running some of the more fun equipment like suction dredges and high bankers we have something for you!!

Right now we are still gathering contacts of those who are interested in order to form our class schedules, but places are filling up fast! You can contact us online using link to the right for PROSPECTOR TRAINING or download and mail in your application from here: SIGN UP!

It’s Idaho GOLD Prospecting Season!

Winter time is definitely over here in the great state of Idaho and Summer is in full swing! The sun is warm and the rivers are cool and there is no better time to get out into the wilds of Idaho in search of Gold and Gems! Winter time can be tough on us old prospectors but the lure of that yella metal gold is always a’callin and at long last the time has come for outings and getting out to the diggin’s all around the great Gem State!

We’ve already been out on a number of trips and thanks to a wet Spring we were able to see where the river flows at high flood stage, and how quickly that water came down to normal levels. This is key information in learning where gold is pocketing itself up on any body of water. The gem and mineral prospects this season are good as well – we’ve already found a number of sweet sweet spots to go rock hounding and to go in search of that hidden motherlode of gold in Idaho that never has been found!

Do YOU want to find more gold and gems in Idaho? You’ve come to the right place! We can help you find out more about the history of mining in Idaho, help you learn where to look for gold and gems, and even teach you some of the best methods for recovering that elusive yellow metal! It’s not secret, Idaho is RICH with gold and mining history, and much like they say: Gold is where you find it! And it doesn’t hurt to know folks like us who already know where to look!

Hello Idaho Gold Prospectors and Gem Hounds!

Thank ya kindly for visiting our website! Idaho Gold and Gem Outfitters are your number one source for gold prospecting, gem hounding, and adventure recreational trips in Idaho!

We strive to provide the very best service for your dollar and it is our goal to make your next trip out a real adventure! Whether you want to organize a prospecting trip for you and your buddies to have a man-cation, or take the family and kids out in search of gems Idaho Gold and Gem Outfitters can help!

Do YOU have the fever? Or does the fever have YOU? Either way – drop us a hello to get a dose of whats good for the bug ailin’ ya!