George “Buzzard” Massie

In 1968, George “Buzzard” Massie started the Gold Prospectors Association of America.  The modern founder of recreational gold prospecting, it is his dream and vision which over the years has done so much to insure that every day people are allowed the right and privilege to enjoy prospecting today.  George spent many years developing a club where members could get access to claims previously unavailable or  inaccessible to non private land owners or government land management agencies.

It has been said he started prospecting on the headwaters of the St.Joe river right here in Idaho, but before long he had gone all over the United States to go prospecting. It was only a matter of time before he realized he should share his expertise in mining with the nation via television  and began filming his outings with his sons Tom and PErry.  After years of buying airtime on other networks, George  decided to take the next step, and in1993, started the Outdoor Channel.  With much sadness it was just later that year, George “Buzzard” Massie passed away, cutting short his time spreading the gold fever. Today both the Gold Prospectors Association of America and the Outdoor Channel are run by his sons, Tom and Perry Massie, who lead a new generation into the wilds to enjoy what their father began.

This page is our humble nod to the man who helped make all we do today possible. Without the effort and determination of George Buzzard Massie we very likely would not be able to so widely enjoy the passion that has become recreational gold prospecting. We are in no way officially affiliated or associated with the Outdoor Channel or the GPAA (other than our personal individual memberships). They are a fine family organization and we can not say enough good about them. This page is but a simple tribute to those people that came before us, and who make what we do today possible, if we have seen any greatness it is because we have stood on the shoulders of these giants!

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