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It’s Idaho GOLD Prospecting Season!

Winter time is definitely over here in the great state of Idaho and Summer is in full swing! The sun is warm and the rivers are cool and there is no better time to get out into the wilds of Idaho in search of Gold and Gems! Winter time can be tough on us old prospectors but the lure of that yella metal gold is always a’callin and at long last the time has come for outings and getting out to the diggin’s all around the great Gem State!

We’ve already been out on a number of trips and thanks to a wet Spring we were able to see where the river flows at high flood stage, and how quickly that water came down to normal levels. This is key information in learning where gold is pocketing itself up on any body of water. The gem and mineral prospects this season are good as well – we’ve already found a number of sweet sweet spots to go rock hounding and to go in search of that hidden motherlode of gold in Idaho that never has been found!

Do YOU want to find more gold and gems in Idaho? You’ve come to the right place! We can help you find out more about the history of mining in Idaho, help you learn where to look for gold and gems, and even teach you some of the best methods for recovering that elusive yellow metal! It’s not secret, Idaho is RICH with gold and mining history, and much like they say: Gold is where you find it! And it doesn’t hurt to know folks like us who already know where to look!

Hello Idaho Gold Prospectors and Gem Hounds!

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