One Man’s Trash: A Discarded Gold Mine!

There could be literally billions of dollars tossed away in the tailing’s of our forefathers gold mining operations. You see, the old-timer’s had no interest in much of anything except for the gold or silver they were looking for at the time; completely disregarded other now highly sought after minerals.

Many of these sites, located on federally owned land stand to be a potential windfall for Uncle Sam.  ”Uncle Sam could be sitting on a gold mine,” said Larry Meinert, director of the mineral resource program for the U.S. Geological Survey in Reston, Virginia.

Revisiting the past could be a boon for our country and a step towards more self-sufficiency as currently most of these rare earth minerals are imported from other places. Currently there is only one U.S. mine producing rare earths— at Mountain Pass in the Southern California desert.

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